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Nationally recognized game changer in the landscape of food waste, hunger and disruptive innovations available for keynote speeches and panel discussions.

Gary Oppenheimer, a recognized thought leader in the hunger/food waste space, is a CNN Hero, a World Food Prize nominee, Points of Light winner, lecturer and speaker (including two TEDx talks) plus a Google Tech Talk, Huff Post “2011 Game Changer” and “Greatest Person of the Day”, James Beard Foundation Food Waste Advisory Board member, winner of the Russell Berrie Foundation’s “Making A Difference” award, Glynwood’s “Wave of the Future” award, Elfenworks “In Harmony With Hope” award, a Purpose Prize Fellow, and Echoing Green semifinalist.

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A special offer

When hired for corporate talks, Gary Oppenheimer donates a free colloquium to help students learn about making their dreams for a better world, come true, to a nearby college or university. Have him speak at your event, and then get the PR benefit of sponsoring his talk a nearby school. You get two engagements for the cost of one!




  • The Power of One — How an aging geek changed America's food safety net

    An inspirational look at how people with ideas and passion can make changes that ripple across the world. Key takeaway: You can do the impossible if you first believe it isn’t.

    Audience: Universities, corporate events, general public

  • Innovative Solutions, Innovative Metrics

    How innovative changes call for a new way of measuring success — or failure.

    Audience: corporate events, think tanks, universities

  • Having Faith In Food Waste

    A look at Faith Fights food Waste – how a small non-profit empowers clergy of all faiths to learn about and then give sermons on food waste – each from their own faith perspective.

    Audience: Faith community

    Faith Fights Food Waste
  • Pivoting Solutions To Meet Realities On Native American Reservations

    An exploration of how adapted its model and technology to meet the needs and challenges of Native American Reservations nationwide.

    Audience: Native Americans, think tanks, general public in Indian Country
  • Food Waste Costing More Than You Thought

    Half of the produce in America (including 11 billion pounds of locally grown fresh food) is never consumed. Learn the costs of food waste and some of the simple sustainable solutions to the problem.

    Audience: General public, gardeners

  • – No Food Left Behind

    Challenges encountered by great ideas and innovations in the non-profit realm and why we should welcome risking success.

    Audience: Philanthropic groups, investors, government

  • America’s Food Safety Net – How We Fight Hunger With One Hand Tied Behind Our Back

    While 6 million Americans grow more food in their garden than they can use, preserve or give to friends, 50 million Americans nationwide are food insecure. An award winning disruptive solution enables people to reach into their backyard instead of their back pocket to help end hunger.

    Audience: Gardeners, farmers, general public


Gary is available for keynote speaking engagements and panel discussions, and also includes a free colloquium to a nearby college or university with the engagement.

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